Digital Ride Safety

Safety is our top priority
Live Location Share

You can share your Live location with highest accuracy, with your friends and family through the Digital Ride app

Rapid Response Team

The team is providing assistance and support after investigation in any kind of emergency situation. The response time will be minimum.

2 Way Rating System

Through our 2 way rating system, we make sure that both our riders and users are always maintaining a certain level of conduct. This will ensure better understanding of both driver and rider behavior.

Call Centre Support

Our call center provides instant assistance and response to our riders ' and users ' 24/7.

Driver safety
Visit your local Hub

Before you start driving, come visit a driver Hub near you for an in-person orientation and to get your questions answered. We will provide a driver manual to each and every driver in order to ensure they are aware of all the rules and regulations.

Know who you are picking up

View the name of your passenger, the photograph and how other drivers rated them before accepting a ride. If you're ever feeling uncomfortable, you can choose not to accept the ride.

Complete our Community Safety Education

You will need to attend a safety program, which we have developed. You'll learn how to handle difficult situations and create a safe and comfortable ride for everyone.

In-ride SOS

In-ride SOS To give you immediate access to emergency help in case you ever need it (and to help you ride a little easier even when you don’t), we built a SOS button into your app. It’s there for both riders and drivers, and when you tap it, the app will display your current location and vehicle info so you can quickly share details with emergency dispatchers. Your call will be forward to the police station, one message will be sent to Digital ride control system, another will be forward to driver or customer emergency number.

24/7 support to help with any questions or safety concerns. Share your trip with loved ones. Our focus is on your safety, so you can go where the opportunity is.

Rider Safety
We checked and educate every driver

If someone doesn’t pass our professionally-administered background checks, they can’t drive for Digital Ride. It’s as simple as that.

Drivers must submit a valid driving license, NID number, tax tocken,fitness certificate, vehicle registration and insurance documents.

Our background checks include: a NID, a nationwide criminal search, a county court records search, a federal criminal search,

Anyone whose background check shows violent crimes, sexual offenses, or other disqualifying felonies is not allowed to drive on the platform

We don’t stop after just one background check. Continuous background checks allow us to quickly deactivate any drivers with disqualifying criminal convictions.

Match the ride

Always check that the car matches the license plate, make and model displayed in your Digital ride app. Also, take a look at your driver’s photo and name as well as vehicle color.

Features to help you feel safe and secure while you ride Contact protection

We hide your contact info for your privacy. Whenever you call and text a driver through the app, they won’t see your phone number, and you won’t see theirs.

Predicting when someone needs help

Coming soon: In some cases, if we notice your ride has stopped too soon or for an unusual amount of time, drivers and riders will hear from Digital Ride. We’ll ask if you need support, and if necessary, we’ll give you the option to request emergency assistance.

Ratings mean action

Riders and drivers can rate each other after every ride. Your feedback is important, so feel free to let us know if something about your experience wasn’t right.

Know that your ratings are always anonymous. We use your feedback to improve the quality of all rides — and to decide what actions should be taken for the rider or driver involved.

When you rate a driver three or less stars, the app will never assign you to them again. If there was something wrong, please leave detailed feedback, so that we can investigate and take appropriate action.

We also look into low-rated rides and may deactivate users to help keep the community safe.

Safety advice from fellow riders and 5-star drivers

We’ve gathered some best practices from top riders and drivers in the Digital Ride community.

1. Request your ride from a safe place

An indoor location, for example, reduces time spent waiting on the street. Choose a pickup spot where your driver can easily pull over. (This means no bus stops or other no-stopping zones.) Give yourself enough time to make sure it’s the right car.

2. Pick the best car for your group

Before hopping in, match the license plate, car make and model, and driver’s name with what you see in your app. At night, the Digital Ride APP, a colorful device that sits on many driver dashboards, can help you find your driver.The color of the Digital Ride APP in your driver’s car should match the color shown in your Digital Ride app.

3. Share your trip info with loved ones

They’ll see your location in real-time. You can also check out your driver’s route in your app to see how you’re getting to your destination.

4. Choose your comfort level

If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the option to end the ride at any time. Your address or contact info won’t be shown in your driver’s ride history.

5. Exit curbside

Check for vehicles, scooters, bikes, and people before exiting the vehicle. (And make sure you haven’t left anything behind, such as your phone or keys, etc.)

We’re all in this together.

When it comes to safety, we must all hold ourselves to the highest standard to create a welcoming and safe space for all. That’s why we require riders to review and accept Digital Ride Community Guidelines before you request a ride. By agreeing to these guidelines, you commit to treat one another with care and respect.

Thanks for riding with us

The safety of all users of our service is our top priority. Our platform and software reflect this commitment to safety and allow us to record trips in real time.

To ensure the safety of our passengers and drivers, we investigate all safety related incidents or allegations. In accordance with our Complaints Handling Policy published on our website, Digital Ride will assess each complaint received and determine the most appropriate response. If our investigations reveal that the driver was at fault, the driver's account may be deactivated depending on the seriousness of the safety related incident or allegation. In some cases, we may temporarily suspend an account while our investigation is taking place.

While we cannot detail every safety issue which may lead to a driver's account being deactivated, below are a few examples we consider important.
(a) Drug and alcohol use
We will not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers while using the app or driving a passenger or drivers providing transportation services to passengers while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We have a zero tolerance approach to drug and alcohol use and may suspend or deactivate a driver's account if the driver is using or has used drugs or alcohol while using the app or while driving a passenger, or if we receive complaints from passengers of drug or alcohol use.
(b) Compliance with road laws, regulations and rules
All drivers who use the app are required to comply with all laws, regulations and rules for road use in the relevant jurisdiction at all times. We may suspend or deactivate a driver's account if the driver is in breach, or may be in breach of any law, regulation or rule relating to road use in the relevant jurisdiction.
(C) General safety
We expect drivers to drive safely at all times, especially when providing transportation services to passengers. This is in addition to ensuring compliance with all laws, regulations and rules for road use. We may suspend or deactivate a driver's account if we receive complaints from passengers about a driver not driving safely or acting in a manner which makes a passenger feel unsafe or has been reported to have engaged in dangerous driving by a passenger. This includes where we receive a complaint that the driver engaged in dangerous driving.

Where the driver has caused a serious safety issue or we believe may have broken the law then Digital ride Bangladesh reserves the right to report the driver's behavior to the police.